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About Me

Lindsey Bross is a figurative painter based in the Pacific Northwest. She currently attends Clark College, where she uses a variety of media to create narrative paintings rooted in observations and deliberations of identity. When she's not hiding in the studio she can be found hanging out with her dog, Bella.

Artist Statement

My paintings exist in the blurry category of mixed media, often borrowing from multiple 2D disciplines. Everything in my toolbox becomes fair game when working on a project. The tension between the formality of painting and playfulness of drawing hangs in the background as I experiment with combinations of materials. The result is my studio becoming a laboratory, where ambition and curiosity run wild. 

The narratives in my paintings are assembled in much the same way. I create figurative paintings rooted in observations and deliberations of identity. Experiences, thoughts, and nightmares are pieced together to express something weighing on my mind. These collisions of ideas and materials serve as a vehicle for understanding myself, while inviting the viewer to come along for the ride. 



2026 – BFA, Portland State University, Portland, OR

2024 – AFA, Clark College, Vancouver, WA

Group Exhibitions

2024  Art Student Annual, Archer Gallery at Clark College, Vancouver, WA

  "Third in Painting" Award

2024 – Making Our Mark, Paragon Gallery at Portland Community College, Portland, OR


2024 – OSWALD Award | Outstanding Student in a Department (Art)

2023 – Edda McCormick Talent Award

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